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    Treats are Tricky: Tips for Halloween

    Halloween can be a scary time of year. There’s lots of spooky costumes and decorations that can give us all the chills. Not to mention the famous question, “Trick or Treat?” Most people opt for the delicious treats and often have a huge stash of candy that lasts beyond the holiday. But, what you may not have been aware of is the scary effects of all the treats being passed out that can impact your teeth! Normal bacteria in the mouth thrive off of the sugar within Halloween candy and in turn produce acid that cause tooth decay. Not to worry though, it’s okay to indulge in a little Halloween candy but make…

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    Sweet Treats for Our Troops: Candy Drive 2018

    It is the season of pumpkin spice and halloween candy here at the Wellesley Dental Group! As the air turns crisp and the trees turn red and gold, we gear up for one of our favorite annual events – Wellesley Dental Group’s 11th Community Candy Drive! This initiative was coined eleven years ago in an attempt to promote the spirit of sharing in our young ones while at the same time incentivizing them to eat less candy at Halloween time, and instead sharing this seasonal joy with US troops serving abroad. Over more than a decade we have been able to grow this event from just Wellesley to more than…

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    Share Some Sugar: 11th Annual Community Candy Drive

    Can you believe it’s October already? That means pumpkin picking, colorful fall leaves, and Halloween are in the near future. This season is one of our favorites because it’s almost time for our annual Candy Drive for the U.S. Troops serving overseas. Our caring team at the Wellesley Dental Group is excited to announce the 11th Annual Community Candy Drive! This grand celebration began over a decade ago with the goal of instilling the selfless spirit of giving in children by having them share their extra Halloween candy and bring a piece of home to those serving our country. Not to mention also helping protect their pearly whites by eating less…

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    10 years, 10,000 pounds

    Thank you to our wonderful community for helping make our 10th Annual Candy Drive a huge success. Every year, the drive grows in size and scope. What started as a small candy buy back with a handful of local kids has grown into an endeavor that spans the Metrowest: this year, we have 41 number of schools participating, along with numerous businesses and organizations. Best of all, we have collected more candy than ever before: we have shattered a record of nearly 10,000 pounds of candy. To be exact, if anyone is curious, we collected 9,883.3 pounds of candy. I’m sure everyone is wondering what we’re going to do with…

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    Participate In Our 9th Annual Candy Drive!

    All Metrowest Schools and organizations are invited to join Wellesley Dental Group’s 9th Annual Community Candy Drive to benefit the US troops serving overseas. From November 1st to November 9th, we will be collecting candy, along with handwritten notes and cards for our soldiers. Our goal is to teach our kids lessons in giving by encouraging them to share their extra Halloween candy with our troops. The sweet treats and the handwritten cards are a little reminder of home for our troops, and a message of support just in time for Veteran’s Day. The packages will be sent via CarePacks, a non-profit organization, along with oral hygiene supplies. We are inviting all schools and organizations to participate in our Press Event – November 10th at 10:00 am. Local media and photographers will capture the spirit of…

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    Sugar-Free Doesn’t Mean Tooth-Friendly!

    We often believe that beverages or treats labeled as “sugar-free” are safe for our teeth.  However, this is a misconception. According to researchers at the University of Melbourne’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre (Oral Health CRC), sugar-free soft drinks and candies can harm tooth enamel as much as those that contain sugar.

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    News Flash: #CandyDrive2015 in the Media!

    What an exciting November it’s been at the Wellesley Dental Group. This year brought our biggest and best Candy Drive yet! With participation from over 30 schools from across the Metro-West, and more than 9,000 students involved, the spirit of community giving and patriotism was in the air. Not to mention, our 8th Annual Candy Drive stirred up a lot of amazing press coverage. We cannot thank you and the community enough for all of the support and donations of candy and handwritten notes for the troops. A special thank you to Wellesley Public Media, Westwood Hometown Weekly, The Swellesley Report, Wellesley Weston Magazine, and The Wellesley Townsman for featuring our Candy Drive in their publications. We can’t wait…

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    Candy Drive 2015- Check!

      We did it again! The 8th annual community candy drive was an amazing success! We had over 30 schools from 13 different towns and more than 9,000 students participate in our drive, making it the largest in size and scope thus far. To make it even sweeter, we collected more candy than ever before! We are beyond thrilled that our community, and so many neighboring communities, came together in the spirit of generosity to show gratitude and appreciation for our troops overseas. We hope they enjoy these sweet treats, along with handwritten notes, cards and oral hygiene supplies. Here are some highlights from our event: Our annual community candy drive was…

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    A Sweet Tradition-Happening Now: 8th Annual Candy Drive!

    All Metro-West Schools are invited to join Wellesley Dental Group’s 8th Annual Community Candy Drive to benefit the U.S. troops serving overseas. From November 1st to November 5th, our office will be collecting candy, as well as handwritten notes and cards, to be sent to American servicemen via non-profit organization CarePacks, along with oral hygiene supplies. This year, the competition is bigger than ever! We will be awarding a grand prize of $1000 to the school PTO that donates the most candy! The winning school will be selected based on the amount of candy donated divided by the number of students in the school, to ensure fair competition. The Candy Drive is open to any school or institute that is interested…

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    Halloween Events You Won’t Want to Miss

    As we celebrate one of the most anticipated fall events, Halloween, there is plenty to do in the local area with family and friends. Not only is this day full of spooks and ghost stories, but also it’s a day where the young and the young-at-heart can walk through the town as superheroes, Disney princesses, gremlims, and even tooth fairies! As you prepare for a day of traditional Halloween festivities, check out a few events that you may not want to miss: Wellesley Dental Group Community Candy Drive: First and foremost, the start of our Annual Community Candy Drive is just a day away. November 1st-5th, please feel free to drop off candy at our…