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Will Your Teeth Thank You This Thanksgiving?

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Today’s the long awaited day for gathering with family and friends for a day of feasting and possibly even football. We would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving from our caring team at Wellesley Dental Group. Thanksgiving day has been a tradition dating back to 1621 in celebration of the Pilgrims’ first harvest. Most people will be focused on the delicious and flavorful assortment of foods without thinking about the feast certain bacteria within the mouth will be having that can impact teeth. Not all foods are created equally when it comes to your oral health, so here’s what you need to know to have a tooth-friendly holiday:

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Brush Your Teeth, Your Heart Will Thank You

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Who would have thought that your dentist would be telling you how to help prevent heart disease? It’s commonly known that smoking, a poor diet, lack of exercise, and an uncontrolled weight can impact your heart. However, did you know that brushing your teeth is linked with maintaining a healthy heart? Research published in Scotland revealed that brushing your teeth can lower your risk of experiencing a heart attack or other issues impacting your heart.

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Protect your Heart by Keeping your Natural Teeth

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Who would have guessed that taking care of your teeth could mean simultaneously taking care of your heart? Probably not many people. However, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions, there has been a link found between cardiovascular disease and losing two or more teeth during middle age.

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Is Vaping Really a Safer Alternative to Smoking?

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, especially as they are constantly being advertised as a “safer alternative” to traditional cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the use of e-cigarettes has increased from 1.5% in 2011 to over 16% in 2015 among high-school aged students. When it comes to oral health, however, new research suggests E-cigarettes could be just as bad as smoking.

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Do you like a lot of sauce on your food? Here’s how your teeth are taking it

Posted by on Apr 1, 2018 in Blogs | 1 comment

It’s hard to resist dipping french fries in ketchup, adding a extra dressing on salad, or smothering steak in steak sauce. After all, all we crave is a little added taste for our food. Ketchup is basically crushed tomatoes, right? Actually, one bottle of ketchup contains approximately 33 teaspoons of sugar! 

One of the main reasons why sauce is unhealthy and bad for your teeth is due to the added sugars and acidity of the sauces. The acid weakens your enamel, while the added sugars feed bacteria in your mouth. Both of these elements ultimately result in an increased prevalence of cavities. In addition to the negative effects on your oral health, the added calories in sauce on your food is also not ideal for maintaining a healthy diet.

Sometimes it is hard to interpret how much sugar is in a sauce (or any other food at that) by just reading the grams off of the nutritional label. There are tools you can use on your smartphone or computer that let you see how many tablespoons of sugar are in foods.


-Always use sauce in your foods in moderation.

-Brush your teeth after meals, or at least after you’ve had a heavy meal.

-Read nutritional labels on food packaging and watch out for how many grams of sugar are in it.


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