Take a Pass on Embarrassment with Clear Aligners

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clear braces on a smileAlthough wearing braces may be the “cool” new thing to have during the middle school years, metal brackets easily fall out of fashion after those years. However, the onset of clear braces has revolutionized orthodontics, allowing patients to realign their teeth without anyone noticing!

Clear braces were first introduced in 1997 with the use of 3D computer technology and the fabrication of clear plastic aligners. Patients interested in these clear braces were given a series of plastic retainer-like aligners. With these new aligners, adults who were once self-conscious about getting braces can improve their appearance and function of their smile without having to bother with the metal-mouth look.

The perks of teeth alignment include less plaque because teeth are easier to clean with proper brushing and flossing techniques. Teeth, just like the gears of a machine, can wear down over time. Molars can chip, break or wear at the gum line, especially if they are not in alignment. Clear aligners can straighten out teeth, allowing them to work more efficiently and preventing patients from having to spend more on restorations further down the line.

The gums also fit better in a straight alignment, which decreases the chances of getting inflammatory responses, leading to gum disease. Gum disease (also know as periodontal disease) has been shown to lead to other systemic illnesses, which can result in other health complications have it is not taken care of.

Many patients have also questioned whether clear aligners are as strong as metal brackets. Clear ceramic aligners are considered to be equally as strong as metal braces. The ceramic material is sealed by plasma light and has strong binding properties. Just like metal brackets, ceramic aligners can also become loose, but that can most definitely be easily fixed with a trip to the orthodontist.

Now with clear aligners, patients are is able to obtain a pretty smile without the embarrassment of metal brackets. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Drs. Ali & Ali and the caring team at Wellesley Dental Group if you have any thoughts or concerns; they will be happy to answer your questionsContact us today at 781-237-9071 or smile@wellesleydentalgroup.com

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