The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get!

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Thank you for the picture frame, Sprague School!
Wellesley Public Schools are on the forefront of education, encouraging its students to be proactive about their future and start thinking about their career choices early. Yesterday,  on May 7th, during Early Release Day at Sprague Elementary School, 44 students from the 5th grade participated in the Career Day, they signed up for to learn about different careers from the visiting professionals. Several professions were represented: a veterinarian, a videographer, a plastic surgeon, and a dentist.


Dr. Femina Ali of Wellesley Dental Group described the students the profession of a dentist. She was excited to tell the children about her regular day as a dentist, what inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry and why she loves her profession. Being a Smile Ambassador for the community, she was trilled to share how she makes patients smile every day, transforms lives, relieves pain and spreads awareness about disease prevention. The 5th-graders turned out to be a very engaged audience, sharing stories about their teeth with Dr. Femina Ali and asking questions about being a dentist. They found out that dentistry is based on a mix of art and science, it’s a profession for those who truly love people and want to spread joy and smiles, helping them. After the presentation Dr. Femina Ali prompted the children to raise hands if they were considering becoming a dentist, and a few hands went up, putting a smile on her face and confirming that she succeeded to plant a seed of interest about the profession in their minds.While that was a great reward, it was important to Dr. Femina Ali to emphasize that the children need to follow their heart when it comes to a career decision and once they decide, work hard towards the goal: “the harder you work, the luckier you get!”. 

Dr. Femina Ali cannot wait to visit Sprague School again and hopes more schools embrace the idea of the Career Day. The earlier children start thinking about what profession they want to learn more about and work towards, the better!

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Dr. Femina Ali believes it is a privilege to have been invited to come to Sprague School Career Day and inspire the young hearts to find a career they are passionate about just like she is about dentistry. She would like to thank the organizers of the event, all the parent volunteers, who helped to put together this wonderful event, especially Elise Rodino, and Sprague School for the invitation to participate. She would also like to thank Dr. Stephen Goodwin as well as all other committee members and parents without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

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Dr. Femina Ali (the dentist), Elise Rodino (parent) and Dr. Orlandi of Wellesley-Natick Veterinary Hospital (the veterinarian)

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