The Perfect Smile for Valentine’s Day

Today on Valentine’s Day we are reminded of all of the love that surrounds us. Pink and red flowers, cards, and treats may also make an appearance on this holiday. As we celebrate, make sure you’re showing your smile some love too! Here’s some tips on how you can keep your pearly whites glistening on your special date or day with loved ones:

Cavities and Kissing:

Did you know cavities can be contagious? Bacteria that cause tooth decay can transmit from one mouth to another through kissing or sharing utensils. The good news is, kissing helps stimulate saliva, which is necessary to wash away leftover foods and fight cavities. But, to prevent swapping germs, it is important to brush your teeth 2x a day for at least 2 minutes and floss for a healthy and cavity-free smile.

Bad Breath Be Gone!

Bad breath can be a burden, but there are a lot of things that can be done to help prevent it.  Bad breath is often a result of bacteria, so good hygiene habits like brushing and flossing are the easiest things to do to keep your breath smelling fresh. A lot of plaque and bacteria are hiding between teeth and on the surface of your tongue so don’t forget these areas! There are also a variety of mouth rinses available in the store that are anti-microbial and help get rid of bacteria and bad breath. Not to mention, chewing xylitol gum can help stimulate saliva and keep your breath fresh.

Brighten Smiles with Whitening

Looking to get rid of stains or not as confident with the color of your teeth? If you’d like to brighten your smile, our in-office ZOOM! Whitening is the way to go, and also could be a great gift to surprise your loved one with.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, it also has a negative impact on your mouth. It can cause oral cancer, bad breath, and stain your pearly whites.

Sweet Treats

One of the fun aspects of Valentine’s Day is the sweet treats and desserts that you may indulge in. If you happen to have some goodies, just be sure to keep your teeth in mind. Avoid hard candies, or candies that are sticky such as caramels or gummies as they can be damaging to your enamel. Also be sure to rinse with water and try eating the sweets with a meal so that your saliva flow can help wash away the sugars that cause tooth decay.

We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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