To Pull Or Not To Pull: Wisdom Teeth Extractions

To pull or not to pull, that is the question! Wisdom teeth, molars found in the back of your mouth, usually appear in your late teens or early twenties, may need to be removed if they are impacted, or fail to erupt due to a lack of room or a poor entry angle.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed, you may experience painful crowding and infections. For instance, if a gum flap is covering part of a wisdom tooth that can’t come out all the way, food particles and bacteria could become trapped and lead to pericoronitis, a low-grade infection, and swelling.

Additionally, in more serious cases, fluid-filled growths called cysts can form and permanently damage your bone, teeth, and nerves.

To determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed, make sure to make an appointment early on in your late teens or early twenties so that there is less of a chance that the roots of your teeth have not fully formed and the bone surrounding your teeth is less dense. Additionally, your recovery time will be much shorter. At your appointment, your dentist will take a panoramic X-ray to take a look at your situation.

At Wellesley Dental Group, Dr. Ghazi, our periodontist, is our specialist in wisdom teeth extractions. Be sure to make make an appointment with us for a consultation.  Regular check-ups cleaning are essential to keep your teeth happy and healthy!


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