Tooth Brush Training 101

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mom baby learning tooth brushing techniques Does your child seem unexcited about brushing their teeth? Help your child care for their teeth by teaching them proper oral care at a young age. This investment in their health will be a lifelong reward! Start by showing your child that the task of brushing is valuable. Brushing along with your child, or creating catchy songs for brushing will help encourage oral health.

The following tips are easy practices that parents can follow to get your child enthusiastic to brush their teeth and reduce their risk from getting cavities:                  

Let your child pick out the materials

When shopping for oral care products, let your child choose his or her own toothbrush and toothpaste. A favorite television show character, or bright colors on their toothbrush may positively change their attitude when brushing their teeth. Also, allowing them to choose from an array of toothpaste flavors can go a long way!

Make brushing a fun game

Join in with your child as they brush! Try making it a competition, such as seeing who can brush every tooth. This will up their performance in brushing, while also making the routine more exciting.

Offer your child rewards

For each time your child cooperatively brushes their teeth, give them a sticker or small reward. Making a rewards board can be a great motivator for promoting good oral health practices. This can boost you child’s  self-esteem and make them look forward to brushing.

Buy a fun flossing device

Flossing is an essential part of good oral hygiene. Flossing is particularly important for children because it eliminates plaque in places that the toothbrush misses. Encourage the habit of flossing by buying a colorful flossing tool.

A healthy child begins with healthy teeth! By making the routine of tooth brushing fun, children will be more eager to brush their teeth.

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  1. The key is consistency. Don’t let bad habits slip in and undermine all the good. Try to brush teeth at the same time every night so it’s just part of the day!

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