Tooth brushing mandates in MA

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Brushing at daycare?

HOT TOPIC about toothbrushing in daycares!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it went into effect Jan. 22 – here you go:

The following was taken from page 65 ( Personal Hygiene section) of the new 2010 regulations for child care providers in Massachusetts:

 (d) Educators must assist children in brushing their teeth whenever they are in care for more than four hours or whenever they consume a meal while in care.

(e) Children must use individual, labeled toothbrushes which must be stored in a safe and sanitary manner open to the air without touching each other.

We have seen many day cares already offering this service for children if parents choose.  We have also heard of parents requesting this prior to the mandate.

Parents may opt out from having their children brush at school. 

Though we believe that it is a parent’s decision to take advantage of the tooth brushing, we do know that dental decay rates among children are always a concern.  Tooth brushing after meals limits the amount of plaque that can accumulate on the teeth which could definitely help prevent against decay.

We welcome any childcare, daycare, preschool provider, or parent to contact us if they have any questions about proper brushing techniques, toothbrushes, and toothpaste,  and we’re happy to continue to be a resource for people as this mandate goes into affect.

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  1. Although I’m glad that the option for brushing teeth is there, I’d be worried about the actual practice. I would be concerned about toothbrush/paste mix up.

    As long as the Opt Out stays in place, it’s nice to know that teachers/caregivers must help if the child needs it.

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