Tooth Fairy’s Generosity Growing Over the Years

tooth fairyIf you a young investor and still happen to have your baby teeth, stick with the Tooth Fairy! Apparently, the Tooth Fairy’s average payoff was up 44.6 percent last year! According to a poll from insurer Delta Dental, the average gift for a displaced tooth rose last year to $3.50, up from $2.42 in 2012. Like with the regular stock market investments, the Tooth Fairy can pay off big if you get in early. First-time tooth losers earned more than they did for other teeth in 59 percent of homes. Kids got an average of $4.51for their first tooth, a 29.2 percent increase from last year.

Besides, every Fairy is different, some can leave really special gifts under your pillow, like toys, gum or a lovely hand-written note. Here is what some kids find under their teeth:

  • For our family, she leaves $1 if Mom or Dad pull the tooth out for the child,” shares Jacy Cheney of Washington. “If they pull it out themselves, or it falls out on its own, then it’s $2.”
  • “The tooth fairy always leave $1, a personal note (written with my opposite hand), a tooth brush and fairy dust!” offers Erika Deady-Wohlers of
  • “The tooth fairy leaves $2 per tooth and $5 per molar,” reveals Mary Anschutz. “However, if the tooth fairy is so busy that he or she cannot make it, i.e., she forgets, then the amount gets doubled.”
  • “Our tooth fairy leaves small gifts instead of money,” shares Roo Wyda of Oops! Sheet Inc.. “Puzzles, crafts, something to delight and engage her!”

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