Top Phone Apps for Dental Hygiene

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In today’s society, there’s pretty much an app for everything…that include dental health! Now that many of us are becoming tech savvy smart phone owners, it’s the perfect opportunity to use these tools to learn more about oral health. The good thing is that there are many dental health apps out there for Iphone and Android users.

Here’s a list of the top five dental apps out today:

1. Dental Expert app: This is a very comprehensive app that helps explain oral health conditions and dental procedures. This app includes a section with the most frequently asked dental questions and answers by experts in the field of dentistry. It’s particularly great for parents because there is a lot of info on dental problems that little ones face.

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2.Tiny Dentist app: This app is great for children, especially if their a little frightened of going to the dentist. Children can act like the dentist in the app by “be the dentist” removing cavities and brushing the teeth of cartoon characters, while also learning more about dentistry!

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3.Flossy app: It can sometimes be easy to forget to floss. However, flossing is important for removing food particles in hard-to-reach places and preventing cavities.This app helps you keep track of flossing and keeping this essential habit becomes way easier. It alerts you with reminders to floss and lets you schedule specific times for flossing. You can then go back and check out the history tab to see how often you’ve been flossing.

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4. Brush DJ app: This is a cool app that lets you use any song (cut short to two minutes, the suggested time for brushing) for you to enjoy as you brush your teeth. It helps you make sure you’re brushing for the right amount of time and allows for a fun brushing experience!

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5. My Bright Smile app: Sponsored by Colgate, this interactive and educational app is great for children gain essential oral health habits. It includes five free games that emphasize the importance of flossing every day, visiting the dentist regularly, brushing with fluoride toothpaste, eating a healthy diet, among many more lessons.

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