Transfer of Oral Microbes From Children To Children

Microbes don’t just get passed on within the family from mother to children. A recent study at the University Of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Biology and School of Dentistry found that children may acquire microbes from other unrelated children as well.

Despite the fact that data has shown that one particular strain of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which is  known to cause tooth decay, is only transferred from mother to children, this microbe was found in 72 percent of children whose family members living with them were unaffected. This high percentage shows that children can contract microbes from other children at schools and nurseries as well as opposed to just from their family members.

Stephanie Momeni, author of the study, claims that interactions involving saliva such as sharing a drinking cup or ice cream cone can lead to the transfer of microbes. Therefore, make sure your kids have their own set of containers and cups before heading to school or daycare!

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