Weight Trainers Have Lower Risk Of Diabetes

A new study has found that weight training, not just cardio, helps to lower the risk of developing diabetes. Dr. Frank Hu, from the Harvard School of Public Health, said:

“We all know that aerobic exercise is beneficial for diabetes – many studies have looked at that – but no studies have looked at weight training.”

The survey looked at over 32,000 men over an 18 year period. They completed questionnaires every two years. The scientists found that out of 1,000 men, four develop type 2 diabetes each year.

What’s amazing is that the risk of developing the problem was only half as high for men who performed cardio workouts for at least 150 minutes per week. If these men also weight trained, the risk dropped to a third.

The benefits of exercise are well known and documented facts. However, this new discovery is a great motivator for men who already do cardio and have thought about weight training. Here’s to your health!

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