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Wellesley Veterans’ Parade Photos

We were part of the Wellesley Veterans’ Parade yesterday and got lots of great photos of all the excitement.  The picnic and fireworks did get rescheduled to Sunday May 31, and we believe the Tooth Fairy will still be able to join us. She will pose for photos with all the children.

View of parade near Star Market

The Tooth Fairy

Parade fly over

Marching band

The Tooth Fairy and Zann Ali

Parade watchers at Forest Street

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  • Danica

    This was a great time. I thought the parade went really smoothly and the weather held off nicely. There are SO many families in Wellesley; it was nice to see them all out in one place. I guess parades are one of the few times to really get to SEE the people of a particular town at one event. Wellesley has a great sense of community.

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