What Causes Receding Gums?

Smiling-Young-LadyGum recession is the gradual process in which the gum tissue wears away, uncovering the tooth’s root. Receding gums can be a result of numerous factors, including brushing or flossing too harshly! Receding gums is one of the symptoms of periodontal disease. The gaps formed between the gum line and teeth allow for bacteria to accumulate and cause damage. Bacteria infected gums can destroy gum tissue and supporting bones. This can ultimately lead to tooth loss. The observation of a tooth appearing to be longer, as well as tooth sensitivity, can also be signs of gum recession.

The following points are few common causes of gum recession:

  • Genetics could be a factor of acquiring gum recession. If gum recession runs in the family, you are at a higher risk for receding gums.
  • Harshly scrubbing your teeth rather than brushing can result in receding gums. Tooth brushes labeled “soft” are optimal brushes to reduce the risk of receding gums.
  • Gum recession can occur due to the misalignment of teeth.
  • Poor oral health habits.
  • A traumatic injury has occurred and has impacted the facial structure.

Gum recession is a common dental issue that can be treated. If caught in the early stages, the process of deep cleaning (tooth scaling) can remove the root surfaces below the gum line and even out the root area to eliminate bacteria from forming on the surface.

In order to prevent gum recession, be mindful of changes that occur in your mouth. Make sure to take care of your oral health and be gentle with your teeth!

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