White Fillings

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A big part of self esteem comes from your smile. Do you have silver fillings that you are embarrassed about? Or, are you worried about the reported side effects of the mercury?

Composite (white) fillings are made of a synthetic resin and can be customized to match the shade of your teeth. Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings which fill in the cavity and require strenghtening elements to hold it in place, composite fillings offer more durability. They are combined with dentin and enamel bonding properties to restore the tooth to its near original strength. The result is a tough and undectable filling, and that’s definitely something worth smiling about!

Some people worry about the mercury content in silver fillings. They are made of half powdered alloy of silver, tin and copper and half liquid mercury. The mercury acts as a binding agent to fuse the particles together. The strength of the filling depends on mercury due to its unique bonding properties. Mercury vapor is the type of mercury that people are exposed to. You can read more about the concerns here.

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