Why Choose Invisalign Over Conventional Braces?

invisalign-vs-bracesThere are many advantages of using Invisalign which make it more attractive than regular braces. Not only does it irritate your gums and the inside of the mouth less, but it also allows people to enjoy eating, drinking and other activities without any major difficulty.

Here are some advantages of using Invisalign:

While braces cannot be removed, Invisalign is easily removable. Conventional braces are made of brackets and metal wire which are bonded to teeth. This makes them practically impossible to remove. This gives Invisalign an edge over traditional braces. It can be removed due to its functional design and you can easily eat, brush and floss as well. This ensures that you are able to maintain good oral hygiene as you can clean your teeth more efficiently which is not the case when you are using braces.

The comfort level which Invisalign promises is fantastic. Not only braces are very irritating they can even be responsible for causing soreness. There are many restrictions for teens, adults and kids who use metal braces. One of them is that they cannot eat foods like popcorn or chips which is not the case when using Invisalign aligners. Once you start using Invisalign you will not have to put your favourite food down because you cannot chew it! The aligner trays are even and extremely comfortable to wear.

Virtually Invisible
Many people shy away from braces as they feel they have a negative impact on their overall appearance. Braces can cause teenagers to be less interested in their social lives which can also turn them into brooding introverts. The good news about Invisalign is that it is practically invisible and most people don’t even notice it on your special occasions. Also, if you want you can remove them on any of your big days such as a party or special events for instance your graduation! All of this constitutes absolute freedom that braces rarely provide.

There are many benefits of using Invisaligner which make it more convenient and wearable than braces. A set of shining straight teeth is every person’s dream. A sparkling smile can be one of your most valuable assets. Moreover, braces can cause irritation, soreness, emotional and physical pain. These are just some of the benefits we have mentioned. Discovering more about the usefulness of Invisalign will make you a complete fan of this method of straightening teeth.

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Dr. Ali Miamee is an Invisalign Dentist at Reston Town Center Dental, providing an advanced dental care in Northern Virginia.


  • Cresta

    Invisalign is having numerous advantages than traditional braces. Because, these braces are invisible, removable and can be easily utilized by anyone. The cost of these braces is slightly higher than the traditional braces, but the part of your treatment cost will be shouldered by health insurance providers.

  • Drs. Ali & Ali

    Precisely! Invisalign offers a discreet solution for your orthodontic issues, it’s the way to go!

  • Shapna

    Invisalign is one of the better alternatives for solving all kinds of major and minor teeth issues in a short time period. Also, it never gives pain or irritation of mouth like traditional metal braces.

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